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"Ollabelle came together because of these musicians' love of this music, without thought of success or career or any of the other trappings of the modern professional music business. It has great value to our culture, adding new life to a tradition that is an important part of who we are. But mostly, they sound great. They sing great and they play great, and they are wonderful people." -T-Bone Burnett

Drawing both inspiration and materials from a deep well of rural American roots music--including gospel, blues, bluegrass, and country--Ollabelle re-imagines these sounds for contemporary audiences, honoring the spirit and substance of the original sources while allowing this music to live and flourish in a post-modern era. An egalitarian quintet, Ollabelle began as humble side project for each of its musicians, before quickly evolving into a musical entity with a life--and sensibility--all its own.

After performing Sunday nights at The East Village watering hole, 9c for over a year, the band recorded their self-titled debut album. Producer T-Bone Burnett, the man behind many great records including O Brother Where Art Thou quickly signed the band to his DMZ label. Drawing wide praise from their musical peers, the press the public, Ollabelle left New York City to play their music on the road. They toured for a solid year, opening for Diana Krall, Alison Krauss and Ryan Adams and playing all manner of festivals, bars and concerts, all the while continuing to evolve their sound and vision. The band’s second album, Riverside Battle Songs, will be released by the Verve Forecast label this summer. This record marks a transition from re-interpretations of traditional material to original compositions that extend the tradition. All five members share the lead vocals and the writing credits, and the voices harmonize in every possible combination.