Moreno Veloso


Moreno Veloso, son of Brazilian music icon Caetano Veloso, began singing at the age of three, improving his natural skills while learning how to play classical guitar six years later. Veloso made his songwriting debut in 1982 with "Um Canto de Afoxé para Bloco Do lle," which is featured on Caetano Veloso's Cores, Nomes. Moreno Veloso became a Latin percussionist while still a teenager, touring with his father and Gilberto Gil before playing cello for Carlihnos Brown. Even when he began attending physics classes in the early '90s, his interest in music was stronger. Around the same time, the young and promising artist built his own recording studio, mixing music for TV shows and plays. After a live performance along with Alexandre Kassin and Domenico Lancelloti, playing Brazilian rhythms combined with electronic elements, they decided to make an experimental album. Music Typewriter was recorded over the mountains near Perryopolis and produced by Andrés Levin.
- by Drago Bonacich
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