"Why We've Reunited or Re-ignited Labelle: Back to Now"
Labelle - '"Why We've Reunited or Re-ignited Labelle: Back to Now"' image

A famous poet once expressed the need to sometimes go off the beaten path and to take “the road not taken”. In 1976, each of us had something inside that needed to get out – not together, but independent of each other – and while we were still young enough to enjoy it. Sarah had the voice of an angel and angels need to be heard; Nona had volumes of songs inside her that only she could embody. And I, I just had a big voice and the need to use it to bring people together. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

“Back to Now” is about three women who are older, wiser, and still ready to rock; it’s about proving once and for all that age really is just a number; and most of all, it’s about showing that “love never dies”. Though we each took three separate paths, those roads led us back to now and back to each other – and believe me, we’re better than ever.

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