Jamie Cullum

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The Buzz on Jamie Cullum
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"...has a distinct aura of crossover stardom."
Don Heckman, The Los Angeles Times

"A talent this size comes along as rarely as a hot January."
Rex Reed, The New York Observer

"Cullum...is a natural showman with the confidence of a bantam rooster waking up the neighborhood with his crowing."
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"overwhelming sincerity and an ingratiating charm that should win over American pop and jazz auds."
Variety (1/14/04)

"Impish and rascally, Cullum thrashes through the Great American Songbook and a few rockers before treating Radiohead's "High and Dry" with the gentleness of laying a newborn to sleep."
Variety (1/14/04)

"He plays 'em the way he sees 'em, not according to some book that states there's Frank's way of the highway."
Variety (1/14/04)

"A piano-playing singer with a style more pop than jazz, Cullum has Norah Jones-like potential."
The Boston Herald (1/23/04)

"A one-man British invasion."
Hollywood Reporter (1/13/03)

"...last night he was at his best when he tilted toward Jack Black rather than George Shearing."
The Boston Herald (1/24/04)

More quotes from the UK...

"The singer and pianist from Wiltshire is on track to become the UK's homegrown cross between Harry Connick Jr and Diana Krall."
The Guardian

"With a voice to make your knees tremble, Jamie Cullum is the cool face of 21st century jazz."

"Sinatra in sneakers..."
BBC Music

"Jamie Cullum has the voice, the expression, the moves, and undoubtedly the talent to prove he can more than hold his own against the older jazz greats."
Portsmouth News

"On stage he pushes the piano about without any self-consciousness, demonstrating showmanship, vigour and something that gets to the source of his appeal.  In a word, Jamie Cullum is sexy."

"The newest, freshest, most genuinely exciting face on the jazz scene..."
HMV Choice (May/June)

"He's possessed by the rock 'n' roll energy of...Coldplay but has Gareth Gates' cute good looks...His jazz credentials are as good as the best and better than the rest."

"Cullum has an anarchic spirit and sense of fun that the stage has trouble containing.  Fortunately, with his rare talent, he can switch from jester to jazz maestro in a flash."
Daily Mail

"He's very pretty and the girls seem to like him."
Time Out

"Cullum's style is jazz based, but embraces the wider pop idiom -- or is it the other way around...a new born Jerry Lee Lewis."
Focus (Belgium)

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