Happy? New?
Happy? New?

My dear Earth-friends,

The other day i decided to just leave my extraordinary bedhead hair exactly as it was when I got out of bed.
So I went out into the world looking like Einstein's unkempt younger brother and feeling simultaneously liberated and extremely self-conscious.
As usual when I make grand sartorial moves, no one noticed though one friend did say it made a change because I'm "usually so immaculate"....

It had never crossed my mind that anyone considered me to be immaculate! I quickly went home and immaculated myself and all was well.
My point being, if I hadn't gone out looking such a state, I'd never have discovered that.... Er ... Oh. Well it seemed like a point worth making but now I see it written down it just seems like another pointless Mattstory....

So it's 2010 is it? Will it be as futuristic as it sounds?
I hope not. I like toast you see, and toast is the kind of thing that's bound to be engineered out of our futurelives... Too messy, too inefficient.
We'll probably be expected to make do with an injection...

What the fuck am I talking about? It's this tiny iscreen. It only makes it possible to have tiny ithoughts.
I suppose that's where all the twatty twittering came from - "South of France, pursing my lips as I wipe my arse"

So. Hopefully toast will survive and Twitter will go down the Shitter.
Happy! New!!

I have nearly finished making a proper new album full of proper new songs.
Brother Ben and honorary brother Dave came out to LA (where I seem to live - most odd...) and we had a quite fantastic week recording and laughing and listening and playing.
And at the end of the week we had recorded 12 new songs and then I got a cold and now I'm finishing the singing and we're mixing and it all sounds great and unexpected and deep and enjoyable and new.
And I love it!

It may be called 'Magnetic North'. It may be coming out on 30th March 2010.
I will tell you more next time, next year...

I will go now because the other day my device ate the excellent blog I painstakingly wrote for y'all ( including an excellent bit about lizards) leaving with nothing but hollow irage.
So I'd better stop before it happens ag

(still here actually, have a fine endofyearstartofyear, I'll be in touch
shortly with more)

Love from

Ps I recently had the pleasure of producing some of the new Seabird album which is very good. It's called 'Rocks into Rivers', it's out now and you should check it out. Lovely chaps, great singer, great songs and the production, well it's in a class of it's own.......!